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2014/04: Android cross-compile.
2014/02: Unit test, docs, features in dev, have git branches.
Jekyll and Travis CI used.
2013/10: Git migration.
2012/02: Hierarchies better handling.
2011/12: FLTK support added.
2011/09: Better handling of versatile environnements.
Cppcheck, MySQL, MySQL++, LuaJIT, Bullet support.
2010/06: STLport support added.

WkCmake is the build framework used and developped by FairyDwarves on most of our fat client project.

The goal of the project is to develop one build framework for any platform, not matter what the dependencies are, as long as they are portable.

Or as we say :

One Make to build them all, One Make to find them,
One Make to compile them all and in the workshop link them,
In the Land of FairyDwarves where the Dreams lie.

Key Features

  • Files hierarchy based build configuration.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Automatic source file formatting (AStyle).
  • Automatic portable dependency detection.
  • Automatic documentation generation (via Doxygen and DocBook).
  • Automatic simple testing (Ctest).
  • Simple installers packaging (CPack).
  • CMake based build.
  • Android cross-compile.