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Current: working on 0.5 Specifications

2009/10/12: 2D v0.04 "Elsa" released !!

Project0 is a post apocalyptic real time with pause role-playing game set in a world full of ecosystems struggling for survival.

The player personnifies a human trying to survive in a world completely changed by global warming and all it consequences.

In this world, every species, every systems, does anything it can in order to continue to exist.

Key Features

  • Multiplatform game: play it on every system configuration you want. From Windows to MAC, from to Linux to Unix or BSD, no more OS limitation.
  • Innovative combat system based on our own recipe.
  • Fully customizable Map system. XML maps, possibility of changing the game appearance without even changing the map file or the code, sprites can have any dimensions.
  • Intelligent Monsters & NPCs. They react toward each others, versus the player and when attacked. All characters have a different set of Attitudes.
  • New Animation engine with a full set of animations for every character.
  • Realistic action system defined by movements and animations instead of simple mouse clicked or keyboard pressed.
  • GUI focused on usability and ease of use.
  • A* algorithm used for all pathfinding.
  • Item Tree and Inventory. Drops and Actionables. Like in all good RPG.

Concept Arts


Project 0 Logo Concept Art #1Project 0 Logo Concept Art #2Project 0 Logo Concept Art #3


Project 0 Persos Concept Art #1Project 0 Persos Concept Art #2Project 0 Persos Concept Art #3


Project 0 Armes Concept Art #1