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2019/02/20 : v3.0.3
2018/12/11 : v3.0.2
2018/05/13 : v3.0.1
2018/03/27: v3

2017/03/07: v2.2.4
2015/09/07: v2.2.3
2015/02/04: v2.2.2
2014/12/11: v2.2.1
2014/09/09: v2.2.0

2014/07/01: v2.1.2
2014/05/21: v2.1.1
2014/04/25: v2.1.0

2014/03/21: v2.0.2
2014/02/19: v2.0.1
2014/01/21: v2, Renewal

2011/12/23: v1.3
2011/08/03: v1.2
2011/05/12: v1.1
2011/05/08 : v1, Chrome Web Store Rlz

2010/09 : Project Start

Poker Study, best No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Training Software. For novices and experts.

Texas Hold'em Poker is the most played and known variation, it's played in most tournaments and casinos.
Understand Poker odds, table position, track and analyze your play, be aggressive and understand when and how much to bet, all in a shiny packaging.
From basic rules learning to advanced concepts of odds and statistics, everything you need to become a good Poker player is available inside Poker Study.

Poker Study features:

  • WHQD 1440p graphics
  • AI difficulty levels (fun, classic (v1), advanced, sharp and pro)
  • Probabilities with Advices
  • Statistics and Statistics Analysis
  • Numerous Trophies
  • Complete rule set
  • True AI who doesn't cheat
  • Various number of opponents
  • Multi-platform
  • User personalization
  • Fullscreen support
  • Offline support
  • Fast and efficient UI and gameplay
  • Sound fxs
  • Mouse and Keyboard navigation
  • Internationalization

Poker Study, previously known as FD Texas Hold'em Poker or FDPoker, is declined into two editions, Standard and Premium.
The Standard edition allow you to practice, choose your number of opponents, fight 3 AI difficulty levels, understand game rules and learn to love Poker.
The Premium edition is designed to satisfy the most demanding user, someone who really want to understand the whole game concept deep to its root and really shine.
In addition, the Premium edition support us as an independent developer.

Trial, Pricing & Platforms

Poker Study is available on Android through Google Play Store, on the Chrome Web Store, on Facebook and on the FairyDwarves' server.
Others to come soon.

The standard edition is free and doesn't need sign in.
The Premium edition is available for a one week, 7 days, free trial starting from the user account creation date, then for a one time fee.

Poker Study uses the FairyDwarves Id for authentification and so your account is a unique identifier which allows you to connect on every services and products The FairyDwarves offer, now and in the future.
Furthermore purchase on a platform is automatically available on all supported platforms!
Buy once, play everywhere!!!

Editions Features Comparison

No adsX
Complete rules setXX
WQHD 1440p GraphicsXX
Fullscreen supportXX
Audio supportXX
User PersonalizationX
Offline SupportXX
Number of Opponents1-71-7
Multi plateformXX
True AI (doesn't cheat)XX
AI Difficulty Level35
Probabilities AdvicesX
Statistics AnalysisX

Premium Features Details

  • No Ads! You don't like them ? We neither, but we need to make a living...
  • Personalized play with your name and picture on the table for even more immersion.
  • Understand every Poker Probability (EV, position, outs, ...) and, more importantly, how to use them.
  • Learn everything about Statistics (VPIP, PFR, RSI, ...).
  • Track, analyze, understand your play and ways to improve it.
  • Master the game against an even better AI with two additionals Difficulty Levels, Sharp & Pro.
  • Acquire numerous achievements. 4 levels of recognitions: bronze, silver, gold and FairyDwarves. Automatic sharing with friends.

Screenshots Mobile

Poker Study Mobile Screenshot #1 - Start ScreenPoker Study Mobile Screenshot #2 - Gaming Table 1Poker Study Mobile Screenshot #3 - Gaming Table 2Poker Study Mobile Screenshot #4 - Gaming Table 3Poker Study Mobile Screenshot #5 - StatisticsPoker Study Mobile Screenshot #6 - Odds HelpPoker Study Mobile Screenshot #7 - Trophies

Screenshots Computer

Poker Study Computer Screenshot #1 - Start ScreenPoker Study Computer Screenshot #2 - Gaming Table 1Poker Study Computer Screenshot #3 - Gaming Table 2Poker Study Computer Screenshot #4 - Gaming Table 3Poker Study Computer Screenshot #5 - StatisticsPoker Study Computer Screenshot #6 - Odds HelpPoker Study Computer Screenshot #7 - Trophies