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2015/07 : Play Store Proto 1

2014/01 : Project Start

FairyDwarves' GameBooks are new and original choose your own adventure books designed for mobile usage.

Players will be able to enjoy complete new stories filled with checks, role-play, minigames, fights and trade. All at the power of their fingers and mind.

Our work is based on our own engine specifically developed to ease writers usage.
Want to write your own story ? Contact us now and let readers all across the globe know your work!

Key Features

  • Original stories.
  • New gameplay Rules.
  • Designed for mobile.
  • Character sheet with Attributes, Traits and Statuses
  • Inventory & Trade.
  • Animated battles.
  • Journal.
  • Dices Checks with animations.
  • Timed navigation choices.
  • Score.
  • Intuitive and Complete Game Engine with Fully Customizable File Format.


  (Work In Progress)
GameBooks - Sample Work In Progress - GeneralGameBooks - Sample Work In Progress - FightGameBooks - Sample Work In Progress - DiceRoll Check