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Current: working on proto 1, Farmer

Far Away Land ColonizatiON is a collaborative community survival simulation game.

The player will manage a group of people, each one of them with special abilities, and has to find a way to combine their skills in an unfriendly environment in order to survive.

To provide a unique user experience in the end, few prototypes will be made at first, to tune the concept.

Currently at an early stage of development, to fulfill the most basic duties of a human community, we have decided to focus on the Farmer character.

Farmer is a prototype of the game where the community is made only of farmers and normal people. Yet the player has to use the skills of farmers wisely in order for enough citizens to survive, as long as possible.

Key Features

  • Multiplatform game: play it on every system configuration you want. From Windows to MAC, from to Linux to Unix or BSD, no more OS limitation.
  • Ultimate collaborative simulation game: manage your colony down to the smallest aspects.
  • Complete technology tree.
  • Mathematical algorithms used to make your game realistic.
  • Fully documented game based on real knowledge.

Concept Arts

Coming Soon...