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Poker Study 3.0.3

Replacement of Google+ login process by Google Sign-in identification.
Improved reliability, speed and security.
Upgrade of each and every libraries/plugins/framework we are using.

Available everywhere of course.

-- The FairyDwarves

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Poker Study 3.0.2

Improved reliability, speed and security.

Available everywhere!!

The Chrome Web Store
Our web server

Happy Poker!
-- The FairyDwarves

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Poker Study 3.0.1 !!

Available everywhere!!

This version is the first of the 3rd branch at your disposal on all our supported platforms.
Thus you can learn or improve your game of Poker from:
The Chrome Web Store
Our web server

For the techies and the curious here the full changelog:
¤ Fix Android advertisement process in case of error
¤ Fix Android display when going out of the app in portrait mode then coming back
¤ Android: reduction of the number of permissions
¤ Faster GUI
¤ Fix a potential timer showing up on start screen when going back from table
¤ Tablet support definition
¤ Various minor tweaks
¤ Uses FDBackend 1.5

Happy Poker!
-- The FairyDwarves

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Poker Study VERSION 3 !!

Poker Study v3 is out !!

After a ton of work, the 3rd major installment of the best Texas Hold'Em Poker training app out there is finally available in a mobile user friendly interface.

Many features asked by our users have been added too including bet shortcuts with advice, save game capabilities and more.
Of course it brings all the features you enjoy like choosing the number of opponents, battling against 5 AI difficulty levels, learning odds with advices, tracing your statistics with theirs analysis, all this with full rules implementation, a hundred trophies and 1440p WHQD graphics...

Poker Study v3 is available right now on Android through the Google Play Store.

Very soon on our standard platforms: Facebook, the Chrome Web Store and online directly from our servers.

SPECIAL OFFER, for a limited time the Premium Edition is available at a discount price of 1.99€ only.
So head over to the Google Play Store right now!

Finally, if you need more details, all info are on the product page.

Happy Poker!
-- The FairyDwarves

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FDBackend 1.4

Android support & Code refactoring.
Plus performance improvements, increased security, APIs & frameworks updates.
And of course, bugs fixes and typos removed.

Immediately available to all our products and users.


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Poker Study v3.0 Beta

Third opus incoming!
Finally after a long development process and hundreds of commits the third major installment of Poker Study is approaching.

For those of you not familiar with our development process, the beta tag means this version is now feature completed.
We will now focus exclusively on bug fixing, packaging and preparing the future release.

The 3.0 final version will be available in the following weeks on all supported platforms: the Chrome Webstore, Facebook, online on our serveur and for the first time on Android!

If you want to test the beta version for free and help us bug-hunting, drop us an email or contact us via our facebook or our twitter.

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Poker Study v2.2.4

New maintenance release.
Heads up rules enforced.
Stability and performance improvements.
Continuing preparations for the v3.

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FairyDwarves, What's Coming Next ?

Here a quick glance of our latest works.
FairyDwarves' GameBooks: brand new and original choose your own adventure book series designed for mobile usage.
The engine is done and we're currently working on the story of the first gamebook.
And, by the way, we're looking for talented writers! So contact us if you have a story to tell and like to work with passionate people.
More info on the project page.

Poker Study version 3. Yes a new major version of our No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Training Software! With Android support and additional features. More in later news.

FDBackend support for phones: with some of our products going mobile, we obviously need to extend our backend to handle them.

FairyDwarves' Learning Platform: a whole new way to experience education. Not much to tell right now because the project is quite huge and at a very early stage but stay tuned.

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Poker Study v2.2.3

New maintenance release.
Best hand computation: fix when it's the table.
Stability and performance improvements.
Latest Dojo 1.10.
Terms: display fixed.
Paving the road to v3.

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FDBackend Update

Now reaching 1.3
This version brings performance improvements.
The security has also been increased.
Lots of code refactoring has been done.

Finally, on the payment front, Google Wallet for Digital Goods has been replaced by Stripe since Google has decided to drop the support of its product.
When paying, you will now be able to choose between Paypal and Stripe.
If you want more payment providers, just ask the one you need, we will look into it.

Hope you like it.

PS: before someone ask, you don't have anything to do to use this release; FDBackend is totally server side and all our products directly uses the latest version available.

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Poker Study v2.2.2

Maintenance release
AMD syntax everywhere to increase performance.
Circumvent a chrome bug causing the app to crash on start on the CWS.
Tools and framework (dojo) updated to their latest version.

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Poker Study v2.2.1

Bug fix release to make the game playable by unregistered users again.
It also fix a display bug.

Sorry for being a little silent these days, but personal problems hit again.
Work obviously continues, just more slowly 'till things gets back to normal.

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Behind the scene: FDBackend

FDBackend: our product backend.
It regroups various functionalities: Identification, Payment, Social interactions, Analytics. And more yet to come.
It understands and react to the app platform being used.

But a picture worths a thousand words, here it is:

What to know more ? Contact us on the forum.

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Poker Study now on Facebook

After a very fast review, Poker Study is now live on Facebook, https://apps.facebook.com/pokerstudy/.

Enjoy and tell us what you think of it: board, Facebook page or Google+ page.

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Poker Study - Trophies, Facebook, FD server

Poker Study 2.2.0 is out: Trophies, Facebook, FairyDwarves server!!
Now you can track your progress through Trophies: 20 different has been added, each with 4 levels and for all 5 difficulty level. Making a total of 400 trophies for you to gain! Of course those achievements are designed to help you practice by being linked to your way of playing and your statistics. It's a training app after all ;)

On the multi-platform front, Poker Study is now available directly on our own server.
Additionally Poker Study will soon be available on Facebook. We are currently waiting for the review to be finished by the Facebook team, so release should be in a week or so.
As promised, same drill for all platforms: buy it somewhere, use it everywhere. This means that your FD Id is available on all platform and your purchase as well.

Finally, of course, a few bugs have been fixed: some render errors and two on stats tracking (steal raise success and round view are now properly tracked).

Two months since the last version but i guess it worth it don't you think ;)

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Poker Study v2.1.2

FDBackend v1.1.0 integration
New version of Poker Study mainly designed to integrate the latest version of FDBackend.
You'll notice new identity and payment buttons, localized app price, proper placement of wait image. Of course many internal improvements are present. Also contact and bug report forms are now working again.

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Poker Study v2.1.1

v2.1.1 - Bug fixes
The new version of Poker Study is available.
It fixes a few visual bugs, some browser centric ones and most importantly the localization regression from v2.1.0.
It also fully integrates our backend (more about this in a future news).
Finally, it also lay the ground for the very soon Facebook launch.

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WkCmake development status

WkCmake The Git way.
While i was working on Poker Study, Asmodehn has been spending some time on WkCmake.
For those of you wont don't know/remember what WkCmake is, it's our own build framework used in most of our fat client project and based on Cmake. Read more on the project page.

The project has been updated to use git advantages: it now have one branch per unit test, one per feature in development and one for docs.
Docs are now visible directly on github via Jekyll.
Issue tracker is now available from github too.
Build process is now immediately tested though Travis CI in order to achieve continuous integration.

Finally on the feature front, some work has been done to update WkCmake to Cmake 3 currently in development and so use the benefits from C++11, a template for Cocos2d-x is in progress, cross-compile for android is working on linux, and of course code has been updated and fixed when needed.

So head over to github if you like to contribute/use WkCmake.

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker becomes Poker Study

Poker Study v2.1 is out
FD Texas Hold'em Poker has been renamed to Poker Study.
Why the name change ? Because we wanted it to reflect the purpose of the app, to be the best poker training software instead of just another poker game.

To celebrate this name change, a new logo has been created and the app updated to version 2.1.

This version additionally brings new features to the app.
It now integrates all benefits in term of performance and packaging from webBoilerPlate.
A proper loading screen has been created.
The shop has been redesigned to make it more appealing.
Textblocks are now way more easier to read and makes help screens more usable.
The version number is now shown on the UI.
And of course bugs has been fixed.

Finally the app is now working perfectly on all major browser out there (read Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera).
We are now close to availability on other platforms.

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker 2.0.2 & webBoilerPlate

Version 2.0.2 of FDPoker and discovering webBoilerPlate.
FD Texas Hold'em Poker app has been updated to fix 11 bugs.
The major one where: AI who might fold on live blind for the easiest two difficulty levels, deal animation that might get stuck, possibility to launch simultaneous game loop from the bet GUI, overflowing texts, suppressed statistics.

webBoilerPlate or how to kick start your web project.
The project aimed to be the root of all web project. It contains the structure and scripts design to start a project with a proper configuration.
It uses: dojo for the javascript framework, waf script tool, the closure compiler as a build tool and one build script that must be updated to fit your needs.
It's available on gihub, so check it out https://github.com/XorfacX/webBoilerPlate.

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FDPoker 2.0.1

FD Texas Hold'em Poker v2.0.1 is available.
Little update of the app with the following changelog: AI raise algorithm updated for lower difficulties levels, typos fixes, Firefox browser fixes, one time popup added to inform of the end of the Premium Edition trial period, cookies disabled handling.
Also the app has been made searchable on the chrome store in all languages. If you want to help translate the content in your language contact us.
The most important work has been done on the back-end (identity/payment) in order to handle failed cases more gracefully.
This update closes version 2 open beta phase.

Also v2 launch has been a relative success.
All numbers are in the green regarding views, bounce rate and such. In fact they all have triple so we are very happy about that.
The main problem is the app visibility which is still way too low. Especially when you compare the quality and content of FDPoker to others poker apps on the store. But when you don't come first on search results, that's the expected consequence.
So, if you like the app, spread the word and rate us on the store !!

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker VERSION 2 !!

FDPoker v2, Renewal, is out !!
After a ton of work, the v2 is finally out. It is a complete renewal of FD Texas Hold'em Poker.
It brings many new features: WHQD 1440p graphics, fullscreen, sounds fxs, more animations, user personalization, 4 new AI difficulty levels, probabilities with advices, statistics and statics analysis, and of course bug fixes.

FD Texas Hold'em Poker is now declined into two editions, Standard and Premium.
The standard edition is free and doesn't need sign in.
The Premium edition uses the freemium model with a 7 days free trial and then a one time fee.

It's our first project that will be using our core architecture with FDIdentity and FDPayment now officially in v1.
It may be a be the turning point we are hoping for and will for sure play a big part in our future has an official company.
It's a really big challenge for us and we really hope you like it.

SPECIAL OFFER, Version 2 of FD Texas Hold'em Poker is released has an open beta with the Premium edition for only HALF the PRICE.

So head over to the Chrome Web Store to install the app or the product page for more details.

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Happy 2014: FDPoker v2 Beta

FD Texas Hold'em Poker v2 is now declared Beta.
To celebrate the new year, FairyDwarves is proud to report that only one month and one day, after the alpha, and a few more before posting this news ;), FDPoker v2 has now reached beta.
This means we will henceforth focus on bug hunting, packaging and preparing the future release.

Best wishes!!

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FDPoker v2 Alpha

FD Texas Hold'em Poker version 2 is now Alpha.
We're very pleased to announce that the 2nd version of FDPoker has reached the Alpha status.
For those of you not familiar with our development cycle, it means we are now feature complete for this version and we will concentrate on remaining tasks, tweaking and debugging.

As we generally produce a very clean code when declaring a product Alpha, Beta should be available soon (aka in about a month or less).
If you like to participate in the Beta please contact us. A premium access will be given to all our beta-testers. But be fast, places are limited ;)

Finally enjoy a fullscreen screenshot of the v2. Enjoy !

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Repositories migrations

Infrastructure change
We have decided to move all our repositories out of our private server. All ours public projects will be hosted on GitHub and our private ones on Bitbucket.
We choose GitHub to get our work more visibility. Bitbucket was chosen to reduce our IT costs and have a better fault tolerance.
We would like to thank Gna for hosting our projects for so long.

All ours open sources projects are already migrated including theirs tickets. Here are links to the main ones: SDLut, WkCmake.
Or you can simply browse our users for all other projects: Asmodehn, XorfacX

This migration also means a drastic change in our version control system.
In the near future will be using exclusively Git and say bye bye to SVN and Bazaar.
It has been a tough call, especially for bzr because we really like this VCS, but it's for the best.

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Back in business

Long time no news ...
... but we are not dead !!
In fact i'm making this news to let you guys know we're back in business for good.

For those of you who likes details: we had a very busy period on the personal or professional front ; we are now scattered all around the globe (South Korea, Mexico, France) but we're still working together ; on the FD part, work never really stopped but i was being lazy and the progress where too eclectics to write any news.

Also we need people to work with us so we're recruiting more than ever.
We need a market guy, a community manager, illustrators and designers.
And the more domains you are familiar with the better !

Stay tuned.

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FD Architecture

Building our home
We haven't posted any product news lately, sorry about that by the way, but it doesn't mean we weren't working.
In fact part of our energy has been focused on our business model and resultant internal architecture. No no, it doesn't mean we had to cut of our team :D, in fact we're still looking for talented and dedicated people to join us.
Our primary goal being to bring quality products and experience to our users and our secondary one to have fun while doing it, we had to think our strategy as a whole self.
In order to achieved this we have developed two modules. The first one is a complete identification system, with log in/sign in/external id providers capabilities, usable everywhere and easily. The second module is a payment system (well because we have to ;)) with various payment methods to suits our products need (trial, direct purchase, micro-payments) and various payments means. These modules are both easily integrable in our products (for our techy readers we are using a message system based on postMessage and JsonP).
Has you might imagine such kind of work needed many testing and was very tech focused but in the end we're done with it now and can focus more on our user projects for the time coming. More on this part very soon !

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker - v1.3

Hi, version 1.3 is out.
Just in case you need it, the link to the app.
Almost 1000 code revisions for this project.

Here's a comprehensive change log:
* Animations for: buttons, deals, bets, pots
* More comprehensive UI
* Rules frame
* Bug fix (hands, UI)
* Numerous code improvements
* Footer bar

As always don't hesitate to send us feedback and bug report. You can now do it directly in app.
And of course if you like our work, please rate us and, if you feel like it, donate.

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Working on WkCmake
Forgot to post a news about it but we have added more macro to WkCmake to support more versatile (understand strangely designed ;)) work environments.
Also some new module support has been added: Cppcheck, MySQL, MySQL++, LuaJIT, Bullet and FLTK.
And finally we're currently working on polishing the AStyle support on MS Windows.

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FairyDwarves at the TGS

TGS yeah !!
Some of us were this weekend, Nov 26-27, at the Toulouse Game Show.
Pictures coming soon ;)

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Paryzyane - Release

Paryzyane is out
Finally ! The application is out on the Freebox store for 0.99 €.

Paryzyane FB edition is an audio single with 3 complete songs form the Paryzyane band first disk, ''A l'ombre du Manneken''.
We hope you enjoy the single as much as we did and if you want more info on the band go visit there website.

If you want to promote yourself in such a way, don't hesitate to contact us.

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker - v1.2

Hi, version 1.2 is out.
We've work very hard on this in order to reply to all the remarks received so we really hope you'll appreciate it.
Here's a comprehensive change log:
* way better preflop AI
* complete mouse support
* UI updated
* various bot aggressiveness and speed
* bugs fixed regarding game rules, logic and display

As always don't hesitate to send us feedback and please be the more descriptive as possible. Saying something is buggued without telling us what doesn't help at all.
Cya and don't forget that if you like our work there's the donation page waiting for you ;)

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker - Release

Chrome WebStore Release
A little late on the news here but we wanted to inform you that we have launched FD Texas Hold'Em Poker on the Chrome store !
You can install it from here.
Remember you have to use the Chrome browser for this to work ;)

The Freebox release is postponed to a later date.

Stay tuned for another platform, new features and the Premium product version.

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker - Beta

The beta
After almost four months of implementation, tests and debug... and a the birth of beautiful young daughter, FD Texas Hold'em Poker's beta is finally there.
The game will stay in this stage for a week or two and then will be released to the public on the Freestore from Free.
In the meantime, check out our source code video and the forum.

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Paryzyane - Final Tests

Paryzyane, the final bug
The application runs perfectly under our test systems but encounter an unexpected behavior regarding the sound on some Freebox. Obviously the launch is slightly postponed.
Of course we are working with Free in order to fix it.

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Paryzyane - Beta

Paryzyane ''A l'ombre du Manneken'' FB edition, audio single
Following our work on a javascript engine compatible with the EFL and the web (more to come on this one soon) we are now approching the release of a new product for you to enjoy.

Still on the Freebox for now, a complete audio single with 3 songs form the Paryzane band first disk, ''A l'ombre du Manneken'', is now in beta testing.

The final version is due to the 15th of april so stay tunned and warm your speakers ;)

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker - Alpha

We're very pleased to announce the alpha version of our project: FD Texas Hold'em Poker.

All features for this version has been implemented and we're beginning the bug hunting and fixing.

FD Texas Hold'em Poker is a Texas Hold'em Poker game for the Freebox, a French Internet provider's box.
The first version will be focused on training our gamers and so will be single player only.
Our game uses the complete classic Texas Hold'em Poker rules presented with shiny graphics and adapted to the platform.
The freebox platform is a new platform for us and for potentials gamers since it was launched very recently.

Soon the beta ;)

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Project 0 - Characters & Weapons Concept Arts

Some concept arts for the game Project 0. This time showing some ideas about characters and weapons.
Realized by Petipain. Come to our forum to comment on his work and let us know what you think.

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FD Texas Hold'em Poker

A new Game. A new platform.
We started to work on this game some time ago. More information very soon.

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Project 0 - Logo Concept Arts

Some concept arts of our future logo for the game Project 0.
Realized by Easireal. Come to our forum to comment on his work and let us know which logo you prefer.

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Public Web Site

First version of FairyDwarves public website is online!
You will find on this website a quick presentation of who we are and what we do.

Stay tuned, there is more to come, pretty soon ...

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