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FairyDwarves needs you.

Even though FairyDwarves already has a great team of dedicated smart software developers, we can't make these softwares without you.
If you think you'd fit in our group, let us know.

We're currently looking for specific positions listed below.
All you need to do is send your resume and introduction and the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

If you don't see your exact expertise listed, and you feel you have something to offer the team, please go ahead and send us a letter and your resume.


  • C++ Developer: If you are a passionate C++ Developer, able to work on any platform, and with a passion for clean, stable, efficient, and portable code, then we might be interested in you. And if you wish you could create games in C++ for any platform, you should definitely contact us.
  • InfoGraphist: If you are always spending your freetime drawing on computer (or not), building world and environments in your head and on paper during you free time, and if you think you have the passion and dedication needed to work with talented people to bring dreams to reality, and create games from scratch, let us know.
  • Audio Designer: If you love music enough to play and compose regularly, and if you wish games nowadays would focus more on good sound design, and accurate ambiance to help in video game immersion, then tell us about it